Announcing Early Career Mentoring Program at ESA 2016

I’m cross posting this opportunity for funding ($200), one-on-one mentoring, and networking with fellow early career peers, from the Early Career Ecologist Section of ESA. I organized and launched the Early Career Mentoring Program last year, with the help of several other early and established ecologists, at ESA 2015. We received outstanding feedback from last year’s participants – both mentors and mentees really enjoyed the program and some have even maintained longer-term connections and communication post ESA. We’re running the program again at ESA 2016 this year for early career graduate students or postgrads who are entering a transitional career stage (last year of graduate program or 3 years or less post graduation date). Find out more details and how to apply here!

In a nutshell, 10 participants will be chosen from applications (submitted by March 4), based on a combination demonstrated mentoring needs and professional development. Each participant will receive $200 in financial aid to help attend ESA 2016, be matched with a mentor to interact with at ESA (based on whatever is needed – research area, career path, life experiences, etc.), and have the opportunity before and during ESA to gain guidance on developing a career plan, networking with other early career ecologists, and on becoming a mentor. The long-term goal is to create a community of of early career ecologists with access to strong mentoring, who can also act as strong mentors in their community, and to spark a discussion among ESA members, more generally, around the need for mentoring during critical career transitions (including non-academic careers).

Join us!


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