GitHub and the working group – Part II

In an earlier post, I outlined my plans to try to teach and use GitHub for code related to our big Biodiversity Working Group. Feb 22-26, 20 members of the group met in Leipzig, Germany, and 6 more (including myself) participated remotely (#sChange on twitter). I felt this was a bit of an experiment, as our group is quite large, and I knew that the majority of participants would be novice git users. There is much yet to do now that the workshop is over, but after a week, I can definitely identify a few challenges and successes in using GitHub for our working group. Continue reading

Open grant proposals and sharing in science

My research is not a secret. In fact, I want everyone to know what I’m working on! I worked hard to get a grant to support my research and to pursue additional training in teaching science. In fact, you can read all about what I’m doing for the next 3 years here. My NSF Math Bio Postdoc Fellowship proposal is public. Continue reading