Time management and science

Time management is important in any career. You want to get the work done that you need to, you want to do it in a reasonable amount of time, and you want to leave enough extra time to do all the other things in life that you enjoy. But in positions where work time or location is largely unstructured, keeping track of how you get things done and how efficient you are can be a lot more difficult.

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Quick recap of ESA 100

It’s been about a month since the Centennial Ecological Society of America (ESA 100) meeting (August 9-14, 2015) in Baltimore. Overall, I enjoyed the meeting and found it to be an especially productive week for reconnecting with my collaborators and mentors. Although I still attended many good presentations, I spent more time meeting with people and discussing projects than going to talks, which represents a shift from my previous years attending ESA. Continue reading