Quick recap of ESA 100

It’s been about a month since the Centennial Ecological Society of America (ESA 100) meeting (August 9-14, 2015) in Baltimore. Overall, I enjoyed the meeting and found it to be an especially productive week for reconnecting with my collaborators and mentors. Although I still attended many good presentations, I spent more time meeting with people and discussing projects than going to talks, which represents a shift from my previous years attending ESA. Continue reading

#ESA100 is almost here!

I keep trying to convince myself that I have another week to prepare, but it seems that my ticket to Baltimore for (the Ecological Society of America) ESA’s Centennial meeting is scheduled for tomorrow! Although ESA is a massive gathering and it can be easy to feel exhausted or lost in the crowd (especially by the end of the week), I have to admit that I really look forward to this meeting. Continue reading