I survived 2 months of travel insanity!

Since my last post (way back on April 15!), I’ve been travelling nearly nonstop. All of this travel being jam packed together into a short time frame was not my initial plan (or the ideal plan), but was mostly an accident of several good things happening at once, and the end of the semester being a good time to do all of those things! Also, for all the things that academics sometimes have to say “NO” to, I have a really, really, hard time saying no to travel. So what was I doing?

  1. Help with small mammal field work in northern Illinois with Holly Jones and her grad student Angela Burke in a restoration site with BISON!
  2. Travel for a job interview (!) I didn’t get the position, but it feels great to have made the short list!
  3. Travel to Canada for our working group (I’m a co-PI with Maria Donelas, Mary O’Connor, and Andrew Gonzalez), which is jointly funded through the Canadian Institute for Ecology and Evolution and the Synthesis Center for Biodiversity Sciences of Germany (sDiv)
  4. Vacation to NEW ZEALAND! Taking a few weeks off to travel the South Island with my spouse was fantastic! And leaving my laptop at home was definitely the right call. The best thing about this trip? We didn’t plan anything more than 24 hours in advance, except purchasing the international airfare to get there.
  5. Travel to Canada (again) for Part II of the CIEE working group. I may have been living on jet lag fumes at this point.
  6. Travel to Copenhagen for EUMacro conference, the inaugural joint meeting of the main European macroecology groups (BES, GfO, & CMEC). I’m really glad I took the time to attend this meeting and meet my European colleagues! (#EUMacro)

I hope to summarize my thoughts on some of these events later, but for now, I’m enjoying just being at home, and I’ve officially committed to no more big trips this summer… at least until the ESA Centennial in August! In the next 6 weeks, I do plan to spend my time doing science (instead of talking about it at meetings), and to take full advantage of Wisconsin summer activities – hiking glacial moraines, floating down rivers, catching fireflies in my backyard, and sharing beers on the UW Terrace.


Relaxing with Moeraki Boulders on the Otago Coast during our 2-week vacation, tightly sandwiched between science travel.

2 thoughts on “I survived 2 months of travel insanity!

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