March Mammal Madness 2015 starts tonight!

March Mammal Madness is my new favorite thing about March. If you are love mammals, like filling in competition brackets, or just fun creative storytelling, you should definitely check out March Mammal Madness. It’s like the basketball version, but with mammals instead! This year includes endangered mammals, tiny mammals, some paleo mammals – Gigantopithecus, Amphicyonidae, Daeodon, and Megalocerus – and a whole division of mythical mammals! Katie Hinde started this awesome competition in 2013, and its been fun to watch it grow every year.

A team of evolutionary biologists (Katie Hinde, Kristi Lewton, Joshua Drew, and Chris Anderson) run the “battles” and you can follow the twitter hashtag #2015MMM each weeknight starting March 9-March 26 to see who wins, or read the storified summary on the Mammals Suck blog. One of the things I love about sharing March Mammal Madness is watching my non-scientist and non-geek friends really get into it, too. I’ve been seeing more examples of kids and classrooms of all ages participating in the fun, and learning a lot in the process. The Wildcard battle starts tonight (Pygmy Jerboa vs. Bumblebee Bat), so get your brackets filled in ASAP, and join in the fun soon!

There is so much coverage of #2015MMM this year, you don’t have to take my word on it:
My favorite mammal is a bit dubious about my picking Wolverine for the win this year.

My favorite mammal is a bit dubious about my picking Wolverine for the win this year.

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