Supplementary Materials

In academic writing, authors often provide supplementary materials to accompany the main manuscript. The materials may include additional figures and text describing the analyses, code, or the raw data itself. This supporting information is intended to aid the reader in understanding the paper, to explain complex concepts or methodology, and in some cases, may supply the building blocks for reproducing the research.

It is my intention (and hope) that these posts will act as “Supplementary Materials” to my academic website – extra information about my scientific workflow (like an open lab notebook), about research that I have found interesting or important, about computational tools, and about my general thoughts on academic work and living life.

Discussions and shared experiences with other researchers (online and in person) have greatly shaped my approach to research and collaboration, and have helped me to feel supported during challenging times. I can’t promise that I will have any exciting, groundbreaking, or especially eloquent thoughts to share, but I hope that my Supplementary Materials contribute in some small way back to the wonderful scientific community that I have found.

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